The plot, at some point, comes to be simple. Three astronauts are in full space, performing external repairs on the Hubble telescope when they are surprised by a rain of debris resulting from the destruction of another satellite by a Russian missile.

Gravity Torrent

Gravity is a technical treat. Switching between sound and silence amplifies the drama and the distressing soundtrack of Steven Price enters
only at crucial moments. The animation (the film is almost all computer graphics) is perfect and realistic, and the tension is absolutely
constant, since there is no time to breathe (even though the movie find in a hilarious Clooney, charming as ever). And Bullock gives a show
like the rookie astronaut who has lost everything but who decides to live.

The universe is hostile. Without oxygen, no sound in a vacuum, it does not offer the lowest condition for survival of human life if it is out
of this blue planet called Earth. Brief visits the man in this harsh environment are always full of devices designed to ensure its existence,
however they in many cases are far from comfortable. It was exactly this scenario in mind, the discomfort and the constant risk that director
Alfonso Cuarón conceptualized gravity. A film that impresses with boldness, both narrative and aesthetic, without ever leaving aside the

One of them dies, the other wobble in Earth orbit. Throughout this brief preamble is shown in a scene sequence plan that lasts about 20 minutes - something that does not sound strange to anyone who has seen Children of Men, the same director, replete with scenes in this style. This is an impressive opening, not only for the beauty of the images of the Earth from space but the ballet itself created with the camera to track the movements of the charismatic Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and anguished Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) in medium the apparent calm that becomes a real hell in a vacuum. And he’s just getting started.

Esthete, Cuarón found in space and the graph control their September There are scenes of intense beauty and great significance, as the
"rebirth" of Dr. Stone, especially the first, we see it for the first time as a woman, as a human, helpless outside the protective shell of
uniform astronaut.

In tears without gravity, Cuarón appreciates the beauty of human frailty - and its toughness.